Attention Apple Users: Update now to avoid security risks!

by HCCS, Inc. Due to the announcement earlier this week of security risks associated with Apple Devices, we urge any Apple users to perform software updates on their devices immediately, to avoid being victimized by the breach in Apple’s software.   According to sources at many news outlets, including the New York Times, Apple identified a problem in its mobile and desktop operating systems that could allow for hackers to access what you thought to be secure transactions and sessions on your device.  The problem has to do with a coding error in their web connectivity software that validates the security certificates being sent back and forth when you’re establishing a secure connection.  Because of this issue, the browser on your device cannot verify the authenticity of an encryption certificate. What that means is, any hacker could pretend to be your Amazon shopping cart, your bank account or your personal e-mail and cause serious harm, not to mention the increased risk of identity theft. We urge all Apple customers to update their software as soon as possible! Most Apple users can download the update through their general settings on their device.  Keep an eye out for additional security tips from our experts!

Lacey Rickert, Marketing Director