Updates keep you safe!

Computers continue to advance at a rapid pace and the Internet has expanded to the point it encompasses our everyday lives. Moving just as quickly is the downside to all this technology, those exploiting flaws. The Internet is overrun with exploit sites and viruses that are looking to take advantage of vulnerabilities in software, this is why keeping your system up to date is all the more important.



Updates, whether for the operating system or an application, are vitally important to keeping you safe. These updates are almost always a security fix rather than a feature change. As each new exploit is found, developers work hard to fix these and release them to the public.

Installing updates is a fairly simple process as the operating system or program will alert the user there are updates waiting. While some may view it as an inconvenience to stop what they are doing to install, the inconvenience is small compared to fixing an infection the update would have prevented. Some even give the option to install automatically to minimize the impact on the user.

Microsoft has recently changed their update policy to better reflect the current atmosphere. Where users could disable updates all together, in Windows 10, home users have no choice. Microsoft also sped up the delivery on these updates. It used to be once a month a batch of updates where released. Now, in Windows 10, the updates are released once they have been developed. This not only helps speed up the update process, but keeps your computer better protected.

As long as computers continue to be a part of everyday life, we can count on dealing with viruses and exploits. One of the many ways a user can help shield themselves is to keep the operating system and programs up to date.

Written by: Andrew Owen, MCP

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