Discover the “Heritage difference” in network administration & tech support




For 25 years, HCCS, Inc. has provided technology solutions for individuals and businesses in various industries, but you may be surprised to learn that even we rely on a technician to keep our computer network and equipment running smoothly.  We are so committed to providing quality services, we even offer Microsoft Certified technical support for our clients!   In today’s computer era, small businesses have to keep up with the pace of new technologies to stay relevant.  The only techs we trust with your technology are the same technicians we trust to care for our own network and equipment.  Andrew Owen, MCP, leads our tech services department, providing a myriad of network administration and computer services.  He does a little bit of everything, from troubleshooting printer issues over the phone to personally setting up a home or business network.

“I take a lot of joy from helping someone out, no matter how simple or complex,” Andrew says.  “Everyone needs help from time to time, so it is great when you can be the one lending a hand.”

Andrew lends his expertise to clients who recognize a technician is essential to maintaining a healthy and functional network.  He says his calling to provide technical support comes from his own passion for experiencing new technology, and the speed at which it moves and develops.

“I am a fan of shining new things and learning new skills,” Andrew claims.  “With the pace at which technology evolves being so fast, it really does make [information technology] an interesting field, as there is always something new and exciting just around the corner.”

For consumers, new and exciting technology often means new and frustrating issues with your computers, network and security. Luckily for our clients, Andrew provides technical support and training to help everyday users become masters of their own technology.  He recommends hiring an IT specialist to anyone who works with computers.

“You get prompt service, and can leverage expertise when you need it,” Andrew says. “It also allows you to build up a rapport and get comfortable with those taking care of your equipment.”

Andrew has some advice for computer users to keep their equipment healthy:

“Install updates on a regular basis and keep your antivirus up to date,” Andrew suggests.  “Be sure what you download and install is something you want, and read everything closely before clicking that button.”

Of course, you know who you can call if something does go wrong with your technology: Andrew Owen, MCP,  HCCS, Inc. 913-529-4227.


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