Windows 8.1 Users must update before May 13th, 2014 to avoid security risks

Attention Windows 8 Users

Microsoft released a new update for Windows 8.1 earlier this week that has some users disgruntled. According to Microsoft, Windows 8.1 users will not receive security patches or any other system updates in the future unless they download and install this new update before May 13th, 2014. Users who choose not to deploy the update will be at risk for security issues on their systems, and ineligible for future patches and feature enhancements. The update requirement only affects Windows 8.1 users.

Users who utilize the automatic updates feature on their Windows device should already have the update downloaded and installed since it became available April 8, 2014. If you aren’t set up to install updates automatically, you will need to look for the update KB2919355 specifically, and download and install it to your device. The deadline to download and install this update is May 13th, 2014. Microsoft offers assistance with device updates in most of their store locations.

By: Lacey Rickert, Marketing Director HCCS, Inc.




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