Keeping your computer safe with Windows 8

As viruses continue to get smarter, the way we fight them must also adapt. Microsoft, with the launch of Windows 8, has taken a big step to ensure their users’ data remains safe. From the moment you first turn on your computer, Windows 8 is hard at work behind the scenes protecting your computer. For the standard user, Windows 8 deploys a three-pronged approach with Secure Boot, Trusted Boot, and Early Launch Anti-Malware.


Secure Boot kicks in when the power is first turned on. It quickly and automatically scans the bootloader to ensure it is safe from malware. (The bootloader is a small part of the hard drive that points the computer to the operating system.) From there, Trusted Boot kicks in. This takes a close look at the system files and drivers that are loaded when Windows first starts. If Malware is found by either of these, Windows automatically fixes the problem for you. Finally, Early Launch Anti-Malware does a fast virus scan on all files and programs that launch with Windows. This helps catch anything that may have slipped through and prevents it from causing any harm.

Windows 8 helps to simplify the process of protecting your computer from malware. With these added benefits, Microsoft is making it hard for others to infect your computer.
By: Andrew Owen, Technical Services at HCCS, Inc.

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