How to organize your computer equipment for a move

Visit us at our new location!

Visit us at our new location!

Heritage has moved into a new building to house our growing staff and to better serve the needs of our local clients. As a company in the business of computers, it’s no surprise that we also had to relocate dozens of computers, monitors, and electronic equipment essential to the operation of our office without disrupting services or risking damage to equipment. No matter who handles your move, HCCS recommends boxing your own equipment to ensure safe transport. Because of the nature of our business, whenever Heritage makes new purchases our company stores the original equipment boxes for monitors, keyboards, scanners, and CPUs with the Styrofoam and safe shipping materials still inside in anticipation of moving or shipping equipment to a new place. Obviously, this is the most ideal situation, but the experts at HCCS have been doing this for a long time! If you do not have the original boxes for your electronics, the best you can do is invest in quality packing materials and try to find boxes that complement the shape of the piece of equipment you are packing. Make sure the packing materials you choose are safe to use on screens and will not leave residue or damage your electronics. In most cases using some form of bubble wrap around the item ensures there is no room for contents to shift within the box. It is also helpful to notate “this side up” and label fragile boxes as such, to decrease the likelihood that movers will jostle the contents carelessly.

At Heritage, we have multiple USB connected computer accessories and cords that look similar for each system. So, we keep track by labeling each piece with the name of the system it belongs on and boxing all the pieces together. Before packing computer equipment or electronics with multiple pieces and power components, it is very helpful to label pieces that go to the same device. This ensures speedy unpacking by someone of any skill level.

While moving and rebooting all those machines, imagine what would happen to your home or business if all the data stored on your electronics was lost? At Heritage, that would be catastrophic; so we take special measures to back up and store our data securely before attempting to shut down or move a computer. First, we enlist the help of our IT department ahead of time to make sure we have the correct means of storing our back up files. Then, our friendly tech sets up system updates and automatic backup of files on our devices. Each system at Heritage is checked in and documented into a 3-ring binder containing any support manuals or software materials necessary to recover the system in the case of a crash.

To finish our move, we had our technician install network cable across our new location ahead of time. He also set up our servers and tested the network to ensure the staff could seamlessly connect as soon as the move was complete.
If you don’t have your own IT department, consider hiring a tech company like HCCS to provide expert advice, hands-on assistance and peace of mind during your next move.

Lacey Rickert, Marketing Director HCCS, Inc.

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